About Tulip Publications

A little bit of history

May 2006

Tulip Publications founded. The groundwork begins to get the first magazine up and running.

October 2006

First issue of Frimley Focus printed and distributed. Within a few months it became a popular and successful magazine.

May 2007

Tulip Publications takes over Bagshot Directory. An opportunity arose for us to take over and breathe new life into the Bagshot Directory. Thanks to a great local community, this quickly became a thriving magazine bursting with local information.

July 2008

Launch of Lightwater Link. After a great deal of pressure from existing advertisers, who were getting great results from the existing magazines, we gave in and launched a new magazine to Lightwater which was welcomed by the residents and rapidly became a reference guide for many.

May 2011

Bagshot Directory and Lightwater Link are merged and Windlesham is included to create the new Three Villages Community Directory. The decision to merge was a tricky one, but has proved successful, giving advertisers a larger distribution area and giving residents more information about the community they live in all in one handy place.

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